Coach The SaleEpisode 13
EP13 - Implementing Strategic Sales Growth with Amir Reiter
EP13 - Implementing Strategic Sales Growth with Amir Reiter
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We all want our teams to succeed and our businesses to grow, but timing is of paramount importance. It's not always easy knowing when to put a plan into action, or where to allocate resources.

On this episode of Coach the Sale, we examine the signs of not only appropriate timing, but also look at determining where and how to move towards strategic growth.

My guest is Amir Reiter, the CEO and founder of CloudTask, a managed service provider that helps software companies with B2B sales and sales chat. In the past 2 years, Amir is quickly becoming a trusted authority on strategies for successfully growing sales teams.

In this episode we cover:

[+] Pitfalls to avoid when trying build out a sales function.
[+] How to look out for misleading indicators that you may, or may not be ready to grow your sales team.
[+] How to spot suitable times to promote from within.
[+] How to be efficient with getting your team up to speed.
[+] Finding and sourcing growth-mindset staff, and others who respond well to coaching.
[+] Dealing with people resistant to a coaching culture.
[+] Sales process design and how to engineer them.
[+] Leveraging online offerings to streamline qualifying your leads.
[+] Using chatbots to advance the sales process and strategizing chat availability.
[+] Knowing where and when to coach for getting the best results.

All this and a lot more on this episode of Coach the Sale. For full show notes visit:

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