System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder )Episode 3Season 3
The Husband Goes to Therapy
The Husband Goes to Therapy
By Emma Sunshaw • View the Website

The husband joins the system in a therapy session - where Sasha is called out as herself. Sasha and the husband reflect on how therapy went, and what they learned about why therapy is hard and how to know the therapist is real - and staying. As they come up with what trauma means, Sasha gains insight into what others in the system have gone through - and that maybe the therapist and the husband both already know enough they would have already left if they were going to, so maybe now time really is safe. This episode includes references to the internal world, examples of trauma, and normalizing the experience of trauma even without DID - like miscarriages, medically fragile children, and fostering and adoption. No abuse details or specifics are given.

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