System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder )Episode 94
By Emma Sunshaw • View the Website

We talk with Mary about our trip to Africa, including some difficulties we encountered. Trigger warning for mention of being taken, hijacking, kidnapping, not having food or water, getting locked in a room, and nightmares. These experiences are mentioned in passing only without detail. We review NTIS with Mary after therapy once we returned, and she uses Doctor Who as an example of thinking of good things before bedtime. Then we process with the husband some of what happened and what we have learned. We talk about how we can use the experience to help us with issues from the past. We talk with him about Dissociation being a good and appropriate response to trauma, not something wrong we’ve done or wrong with us. The husband points out that working together to get through our incident was a kind of “association”. The husband also points out that some of the Littles are stuck in memory time the same was Mary was stuck in Africa, and we have the power to help them like we did Mary.

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