Coach The SaleEpisode 14
EP14 - Business Development Done Right with Caryn Kopp
EP14 - Business Development Done Right with Caryn Kopp
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On this episode of Coach the Sale, we speak to Caryn Kopp, author of the incredibly successful book, “Biz Dev Done Right: Demystifying the Sales Process and Achieving the Results You Want”. Caryn provides fantastic advice on managing sales teams, as well as sharing tangible courses of action to help you clear your path to success.

In this episode we cover:

[+] Identifying blindspots in the sales process
[+] Taking your pitch to the next level
[+] Hiring the right staff, and the important differences between Openers and Closers
[+] How to spot the Characteristics of high functioning performers
[+] Finding the optimal outcome for every interaction
[+] Teaching current staff new traits and techniques
[+] Using the recruitment process to maximize hiring the right candidate
[+] What an effective onboarding process looks like
[+] Utilizing effective role plays that break from the usual scenario
[+] How to best develop your sales messaging for your entire team
[+] Listening to sales conversations as part of development
[+] Strategies to grow sales through refining your messaging

It’s all here and a lot more on this episode of Coach the Sale.

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