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GMT028: Rob Mann – UX Copywriter at Manulife
GMT028: Rob Mann – UX Copywriter at Manulife
By Ramli John • View the Website

Rob Mann, UX Copywriter at Manulife, has worked with brands such as Uber, Twtter, Toyota, BMW and more. In this episode, learn the process to write remarkable content and copy using the UX design process and his top tips if you want to get good at writing copy.

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What You'll Learn in This Episode
  1. Rob's copywriting process
  2. What UX copywriting is
  3. Why most traditional ad's copy are failing
  4. How Rob uses Reddit to do user research when writing copy
  5. His top tips to get better at writing remarkable content
About Rob Mann

Over the better part of the past decade, Rob Mann has gotten to work with some awesome agencies and companies, creating copy and content for everything from tech products and corporate websites to ad campaigns and social channels. He's created content for brands such as Uber, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Budweiser, Twitter, Toronto Tourism and Public Mobile. He is currently a UX copywriter at Manulife. Prior that, he was the former Head of Community at Crew Labs.


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