Energetic RadioEpisode 55
Episode 55 – Pete Charrette is Cap’n Pete
Episode 55 – Pete Charrette is Cap’n Pete
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

This week I had the delight of catching up with one of the most inspirational teachers of our generation. Pete Charrette has inspired me for the past five years since we first connected on twitter.

You may be familiar with his character and business name, Cap’n Pete. Pete shares his passion for teaching, his experiences as a pro water skier and much more in todays episode. At the conclusion of our podcast you will be able to access a number of Petes  amazing resources for free. Im sure you will take away as much as I did from my chat with the legendary Cap’n Pete.
Website – www.capnpetespowerpe.com
Twitter @capnpetepe
P.S. If you are interested in Pete and myself running a workshop in your district or for your school in the USA, please email Pete or myself so we can get the ball rolling. My email is dale@energetic.education

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