Energetic RadioEpisode 16
Episode 16 – The top 5 ways to start your day in the classroom
Episode 16 – The top 5 ways to start your day in the classroom
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

In today’s episode we discuss the importance of starting the schooling day with a fun and engaging activity. There are numerous benefits to doing this and we will discuss these and more in episode 16 of the Energetic Education podcast.
Starting with a fun and exciting activity you set the tone with high energy and a supportive atmosphere where students feel happy and confident to do their best for the day.
The following five different activities for each day of the week will encourage students to work in teams and solve problems as a group.  Your day as a teacher will be more enjoyable; students will be ready to absorb the day’s activities in a creative and happy classroom. The final benefit is that if you make this part of your daily routine you can start to get students input and the student teaching focus can come into play.
Below are the five different activities that we recommend you start your day with, they don’t have to be in this order for these days. We will provide three examples for each day, if you decide to give this a trial you will have three weeks of material ready to go.
Monday – Icebreaker or team building game
Alex the kid
Silent count
Tuesday – Riddle or brain teaser
Who am I? I have a heart that never beats, I have a home but I never sleep. I can take a man’s house and build another’s, and I love to play games with my many brothers. I am a king among fools. Who am I? Answer – I am the King of Hearts in a deck of cards.
What’s full of holes but still holds water? Answer – A sponge!
 I can be cracked, I can be made.
I can be told, I can be played.
What am I?
 – I am a joke.
Wednesday – Joke of the day (We love dad jokes)
How does the Easter Bunny stay in shape? Lots of eggercise
Why is a fish easy to weight? Because it has its own scales
When is a baby good at basketball? When its dribbling
What did the spider do on the computer? Made a website
Thursday – Adventure story or musical workout
Nursey rhyme mash up or Robbing a bank adventure
Old McDonald has a fitness farm
 Moby – Sally
Friday – Brain break activity
Masai warrior
Sit, stand, kneel, lay
Toe touch
We would love to hear from you, or if you have any feedback regarding other great morning activities please hit reply and send them through to us.
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