System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder )Episode 15Season 5
Guest: Dr. Barach on Regression, Treatment, and ACEs
Guest: Dr. Barach on Regression, Treatment, and ACEs
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We invite Dr. Peter Barach to speak with us again about a reader’s question regarding regression in treatment, which he explains as dissociative response to stressors. We use the experience of tornadoes as a neutral example to explore this. We take what we learn and apply it to the good stress of girls weekend, and the difficult weather. We talk about good stress such a non-trauma holidays still being stress, plus hard stress with the things you cannot control. He then explains the importance of staying in therapy when you can, regardless of choice to integrate or focus on functional multiplicity. We discuss the shift that comes when you consider your body as an ally, the others inside as a resource, and safe friends as a connection to healing. We finish by discussing ACE’s and why it really does feel like one hard thing after another even adulthood when your trauma was experienced as a child a and then connect this back to attachment and healing through relationships. They both share some of their clinical training story.

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