Coach The SaleEpisode 11
EP11 - Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset with Pete Evans
EP11 - Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset with Pete Evans
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Self-improvement is one of most easily accessible pillars of success for every sales professional who is serious about managing their career growth. On this episode of Coach The Sale, we delve into ways to incorporate the culture of sales coaching into not only your office, but to your mindset as well.

My guest is Pete Evans, Managing Director at Ventas. Pete has been responsible for coaching sales professionals from startups to major global players, and is an authority on teaching people best practices for investing time into improving themselves.

In this episode we cover:

[+] Is “Sales Coaching” more than a buzz word?
[+] Distinguishing between Sales Coaching and Sales Management.
[+] Why do some have a resistance to coaching, and how to deal with it?
[+] How can one manage their own mindset?
[+] The importance of identifying different learning styles.
[+] Ways to implement constant reflection and self-evaluation.
[+] 3 key ways to develop self-awareness.
[+] How to avoid the pitfalls of hearing feedback as criticism.
[+] Getting the most out of your pipeline.
[+] What’s the best way to conduct a coach ability assessment?
[+] Are there ways to implement coaching in the recruitment process?
[+] You’ll hear all this and a lot more besides.

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