Head Space and Timing PodcastEpisode 83
HST083: Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas - Building Mental Fitness
HST083: Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas - Building Mental Fitness
By Duane K. L. France, MA, MBA, LPC • View the Website


Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD is a behavioral medicine researcher and Master Certified Health Education Specialist. She studies evidence-based mental fitness and peak performance and is the author of two books – Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balanceand Bulletproofing the Psyche.

Her TEDx speeches provide a glimpse into Dr. Kate’s unique ability to make science accessible and actionable for everyday audiences.

Dr. Kate’s background as an academic researcher, storyteller, and U.S. Marine Corps veteran positions her to communicate credibly to a variety of audiences.

Her behavioral health research, published in journals like Best Practices in Mental Health, the Journal of Environmental Psychology, and Military Behavioral Health, has been praised as “masterful” and “constructive.”

In this Episode, you will learn:

  • Kate's background and experience
  • Serving in a military family
  • Buying into the warrior culture
  • Women In The Military and how the "part represents the whole"
  • Expressing shared experiences
  • Building and Evaluating resilience

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

Doctor Kate's Web Site

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