Energetic RadioEpisode 118
#118: Adam Roy Davey | The Dreamteam Master
#118: Adam Roy Davey | The Dreamteam Master
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Adam Roy Davey to you all. Adam is not only a champion educator doing some wonderful things in Tasmania, but he is also one-third of the team behind www.dreamteamtalk.com where he has turned a hobby into a powerful and influential brand for AFL lovers.

We discuss the steps that he has taken over the past fifteen years to build up a fun brand with his two mates, and that allows him to live his dream life. Adam also talks about multitasking a young family, a professional career and a hobby that is going from strength to strength.

This episode is a must listen for everyone, as Adam shares some great takeaways that teachers, parents and coaches can really benefit from. You can follow the great work that Adam is doing on the links below.

Twitter @RoyDT
Instagram @adam_roy_davey

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