Business Growth Podcast by Brand ShouterEpisode 2
Web Design Is Dead. Now What?
Web Design Is Dead. Now What?
By Dan Ericson, owner and chief marketing guru of Brand Shouter a digital marketing agency in Washington. • View the Website

Welcome to episode 2 of The Business Growth Podcast by Brand Shouter. Today’s podcast is about Web Design and focuses on the shift from service to commodity in the website market.

Hi, I’m Dan Ericson owner of Brand Shouter, an internet marketing agency located in the northwest corner of Washington state. In over 20 years of marketing, I’ve learned many lessons - some the hard way. Today, I want to share my knowledge with anyone that would like to listen. The purpose of this podcast is to help other entrepreneurs reach their prospective clients and, ultimately, their goals.

Web Design is Dead. Now What? Just like the best of technology, the internet hasn’t stood still…

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