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EP04 - Cold Call Mastery with Dan Jourdan
EP04 - Cold Call Mastery with Dan Jourdan
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In today's episode (EP04) I'm speaking with Dan Jourdan, the Sales Energizer, and as you'd expect he's not lacking when it comes to energy or enthusiasm for making sales calls.

Dan's focus is on training sales people on how to grow their pipelines through outbound calling.

The conversation revolves around all things cold calling, whether that's completely cold, or where the prospect know's a little bit about you already.

In the episode:

+ Dan makes the case that outbound calling is more important than ever in the digital age.
+ The opportunities that exist as a result of other people's reluctance to embrace calling.
+ He shares what separates an average call from a great call.
+ We discuss how Dan prepares himself for each call he makes, and how sales leaders can get the best out of their teams through sales coaching. Plus a whole lot more.


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