Energetic RadioEpisode 38
Episode 38 – The Go Giver with Tim & James
Episode 38 – The Go Giver with Tim & James
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

Earlier this year I caught up for a coffee with today’s guests Tim and James from Free Agency, during the meeting we discussed a number of different issues. Towards the end of the meeting Tim and James touched on a book which they highly recommended. The book is called the Go Giver, through its simplicity and engaging content it will change your thought processes in the way you think, feel and treat people in everyday life. The Go Giver in one word is awesome; I highly recommend this book for all adults and teenagers
With all that said, I thought it would only be fitting to interview Tim and James regarding the views they both have on the book and what they have taken away from the Go Giver.  Listen in as both Tim, James and I talk through the messages, the impact and reflection this little book has had on both our lives.

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