Head Space and Timing PodcastEpisode 81
HST081: Matt Wetenkamp - Cohen Veteran Network Outreach
HST081: Matt Wetenkamp - Cohen Veteran Network Outreach
By Duane K. L. France, MA, MBA, LPC • View the Website


Matthew Wetenkamp is the outreach manager and leads the Outreach and Communications team at the Cohen Military Family Clinic. In this role, he ensures the Cohen Clinic maintains strong partnerships and connections to and within the Denver veteran community, including veteran service organizations (VSO’s), military installations, veterans and their families.  He believes that collaboration must override the drive for competition among Veteran Service Organizations in order for the veteran population to thrive. Matthew is also a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, and has worked in veteran services since 2012.

In This Particular Episode You Will Learn:

  • Matt's background and experience 
  • Disengaging and Reengaging with veterans after leaving the service
  • Identifying the need for veteran mental health
  • The need to have a good connection with a mental health provider for therapy to be effective
  • Recognizing the benefit of good mental health
  • Translating between the veteran and the mental health profession
  • All veteran support services are in the veteran mental health business 

Links Mentioned in This Episode:

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Cohen Veterans Network Denver Clinic

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