UnFamousEpisode 2
Connor Seidel (Songwriter/Producer)
Connor Seidel (Songwriter/Producer)
By Paul Edwards • View the Website

Connor Seidel is a Montreal based songwriter & producer who has dedicated the last 10 years to developing new acts in the Quebec music scene. After 3 years of creative direction for Outro Music (a music technology company), he now holds residency at Cult Nation where he’s producing & writing with Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski, Soran and a number of other emerging artists. After a gold record for Holubowski’s “Solitudes” he’s now building strong ties with the London & Berlin music scene, connecting Quebec artists with talent in Europe and bringing European acts back to Canada.
Connor and Paul discuss Budgets, Production philosophies, Songwriting, Publishing, Licensing, Why you should never work for Free, Strategies on Splitting up Royalties, Grants and Finding a Grant Writer, and ways for artists and producers to make money these days. Perhaps the main take away from Connor's interview is his approach to songwriting, collaboration and the power of storytelling.

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