Energetic RadioEpisode 140
#140: Trevor Hendy | Champion in and out of the water
#140: Trevor Hendy | Champion in and out of the water
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

Today I have the pleasure of introducing an Australian Icon, Trevor Hendy. Now, most of you will be familiar with the work Trev did in the ocean back in the '80s, and '90s where he dominated the Ironman surf series, and to be honest this is what I thought we would mainly talk about in today's show. The remarkable thing is that we spoke on a much deeper level around, health, happiness and the power of finding joy in our lives. As well as this, Trev spoke so passionately about the power of serving and how kindness is one of the biggest superpowers we all have.

Trev is a true inspiration, and today's chat is one that I have listened back to now four more times as the content is so compelling. After you have been blown away by the great man, you can follow everything he is doing and join up to his 12-week bootcamp for the soul on this link below.


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