The Adoptive MomEpisode 51Season 4
S4E51: Let's Get Organized - Jolene Smith
S4E51: Let's Get Organized - Jolene Smith
By Alex Fittin • View the Website
Look at Jolene - She just * looks * organized, right?
That’s cause she is, friends. Jolene has this incredible talent to take a problem and find solutions to the chaos in order to survive crazy seasons and stay in the fight.

That’s a lot of words, sorry. I’m just so excited about this episode!

In her life before foster care, she was a CPA. Now, she parents 7 children in her home, plus a 23 year old foster who is launched and on her own. She also works for The CALL in NWA as their Database and Finance Coordinator, and does contract work for a CPA firm on the side.

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