System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder )Episode 2Season 4
Five Piece, Part One
Five Piece, Part One
By Emma Sunshaw • View the Website

We interview Matthew Roth, writer and director of Five Piece, which has already won Best Picture at several film festivals. Five Piece is a new film about a man and his band. The man, a character named Brandon, has Dissociative Identity Disorder. The trailer for the film is played. Matthew explains how he learned about DID and what he did to prepare for the film. We discuss the stigma and sensationalism of mainstream media, and why he wanted this film to be different. They discuss the subtleties of switching, and the intensity of emotion in the film. Five Piece is a dark and intense film, provides a very male experience of DID, and strives to accurately portray the subtle presentation but vulnerable experience of DID. The story moves slowly, accurately portraying the experience of time stretching in dissociation. Trigger warnings for the film itself include an opening scene where the camera pans past the main character's girlfriend, who is naked and laying on her stomach (not fully exposed, and in the context of a positive relationship - she in no way appears distressed, nor is there any touching of her body at all in the scene). There is a lot of intense emotional expression in the film, a great deal of verbal aggression, and a scene where one of the band members destroys a guitar. The ending of the film is intentionally ambiguous, so as to leave the viewer pondering the film and the relationships of the band members.

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