The Unstoppable CEO PodcastEpisode 99
99: Jim Padilla | The Park Bench Sales Approach
99: Jim Padilla | The Park Bench Sales Approach
By Steve Gordon • View the Website

Jim Padilla, business coach, sales expert, and founder of Gain the Edge, says most people are going about sales all wrong.

For one, they buy into a myth about how a business is supposed to grow that actually stalls growth – and causes unnecessary stress and worry.

If you’re uncomfortable with sales… if you feel you must follow a rigid sales system to be successful… you need to hear the alternatives Jim advocates. They’re more effective – and easier to do too.

Listen in to find out…

- How to ride the Sales Waterfall
- 5 things you must understand about your prospect
- Ways to overcome the fear of rejection in sales (that you don’t know you have)
- The 4 stages of the sales process – and the stage to always skip
- And more...

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