Energetic RadioEpisode 13
Episode 13 – Interviewing Jarrod Robinson
Episode 13 – Interviewing Jarrod Robinson
By Dale Sidebottom • View the Website

In this episode we are extremely fortunate to be able to interview my good friend Jarrod Robinson. For those of you who have not heard of Jarrod, he is also known around the globe as ‘The PE Geek’. Jarrod is one of the leading teachers with his practices and teaching ideas. Jarrod has also created the amazing new website/podcast/program called ‘The Teacherpreneur’. I will leave it at that, as we talk about all of this and so much more in episode 13 of the Energetic Education podcast. Here are the main points that we will be discussing:
Jarrod’s upbringing and teaching journey to date
The PE Geek and how it was born
Connected PE
The Teacherpreneur (I was lucky enough to be featured a couple of weeks ago in one of his articles, if you haven’t read this I would highly recommend it. It is written in such a professional way that really outlines why Jarrod is the best in the business and one that you should be following. Click HERE to view this amazing article).
Twitter – @mrrobbo
What inspired Jarrod to become a teacher?
Jarrod’s top three educational breaks (these are gold, make sure you write them down)
Move It – Google Chrome extension
Rock paper scissors run
Mission impossible

Jarrod finishes with his best advice for new and existing teachers on creating something to be proud of and how to produce something special.

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