System Speak: Dissociative Identity Disorder ( Multiple Personality Disorder )Episode 6Season 4
Hardball with Julie
Hardball with Julie
By Emma Sunshaw • View the Website

Sasha calls Julie after a hard therapy session, and Julie vents about softball coaching and dealing with parents. Sasha describes how therapy seems to shift in a different experience now that we are communicating more internally, and she struggles to ground herself. Julie reminds Sasha to use grounding skills. They process the experience of a difficult podcast interview and how they handled those triggers. Julie discloses her traumatic experience of finding out her neighbor was arrested for inappropriate behavior with a minor, and what about watching that happen was triggering for her. Sasha then shares her first hate mail! They decide unboxing fan mail is way more fun than hate mail. Julie then shares a story about her "Patchwork Quilt" experience, when an emotional abuser cut up her baby blanket. When she shares her story, Sasha wants to know how Julie is able to put all the pieces of that memory together - including what triggered the memory in the first place. When Sasha opens some hair pins in a package, she opens up about why that is extra meaningful and shares a little about our experience with cancer and chemo and head injuries that left scars on the skull, which were revealed when chemo made our hair fall out. Sasha introduces what we are learning about ACEs and autoimmune disorders. Then she shares about the inside kids playing with the outside kids. She and Julie relax then, grounding through happy mail and friendship, learning about social support together. Because this episode is about triggers and some examples are given, this may be a very triggering episode. Please use caution when listening and good self care during and after listening.

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