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JE011: happy July 4th // the update issue two
JE011: happy July 4th // the update issue two
By Jay Clouse and Eric Hornung • View the Website

Happy US Independence Day from the upside team!

Per our holiday tradition, we're keeping it short and sweet this week so we don't take you away from what really matters.

So we don't have an interview this week, we just have a conversation between the two of us recapping the update issue two, which was released on June 4, 2019.

The update is a quarterly publication featuring editorials, trends, and stories happening outside of Silicon Valley. Our second issue focuses on the future of work.

Featured Articles:
innovation hub cycles and the future of silicon valley
help wanted: we're short on more than just engineers
tilr embraces data and finds their own way to scale into 20 states
the “future of work” is here... so why aren’t more companies remote-first?
remote doesn't have to be a bad word — best practices in managing remote teams
why geography still matters
yes, there’s startup media outside the valley — here’s how to find them
second quarter podcast recommendations

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