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UP037: Preteckt // real-time vehicle prognostics using machine learning
UP037: Preteckt // real-time vehicle prognostics using machine learning
By Jay Clouse and Eric Hornung • View the Website

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Ken Sills is the co-founder and CEO of Preteckt.

Since developing the initial prototype of this hardware/software solution in 2015, Ken has been focused on building Preteckt's team of engineers, scientists, business developers, and sales professionals so that the automotive industry can benefit from Vehicle Prognostics as a Service. Ken has over two decades of R&D experience creating solutions that couple hardware, software, and data science.

Preteckt uses machine learning to predict vehicle service needs before they get serious. Trucks on their network learn from each other so that our customers can predict breakdowns weeks or months before they cause downtime. Their connected hardware gives real-time, unparalleled insight into vehicle maintenance needs. It's like driving with a master mechanic in your engine compartment.

Preteckt was founded in 2015 and based in Memphis, Tennessee.

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