UpbringingEpisode 28
EMPOWERMENT: The Power of Spring Break
EMPOWERMENT: The Power of Spring Break
By Hannah + Kelty • View the Website

Today we explore the power of Spring Break- how getting in touch with our inner voice and personal needs is not just responsible and productive but waaay more FUN than feeling like a slave to ourselves/The Man/life. We discuss how the privilege of taking a break can be tricky, as we’re the only ones that can actually give ourselves that permission... We have the power!

Speaking of Spring Breaks, we’re gonna gratefully take one from the podcast. Though we’ll miss our weekly rants and raves, we’re excited to explore some fresh content with you soon. In the meantime, we want YOU to take a break from something routine, too. What can you blow off? How can you indulge? When works to change something up to suit your needs? You’ve got this.

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