How one company grappled with the unintended consequences of an unlimited vacation policy.

Show Notes

Unlimited paid time off is a common perk in the tech industry, but as one company discovered, an open-ended vacation policy led to confusion and even burnout. Dan Jimenez of Chatbooks comes on Rework to talk about how they shifted from unlimited to mandatory PTO, and how they're recalibrating expectations for work, productivity, and rest during a turbulent time.

Show Notes

"How the 'Knives Out' Costume Designer Chose Chris Evans' Perfect Sweater" (The Hollywood Reporter) - 1:50

"27 Days in Tokyo Bay: What Happened on the Diamond Princess" (Wired) - 2:16

Wailin and Shaun discussed how they spent their sabbaticals in "The Bean Machine" - 2:51

Basecamp's PTO policy - 3:11

We addressed our PTO policy change in "It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work - Part 1" and "Rework Mailbag 1 - Part 2" - 3:25

Dan Jimenez on LinkedIn | Twitter - 3:42

Chatbooks - 3:45

Nate Quigley, CEO of Chatbooks - 5:49

Rachel Hofstetter, CMO at Chatbooks - 18:37

Dan Jimenez's Twitter thread about changing Chatbooks' PTO policy - 19:36

"What is Hygge?" - 23:35

John Wick - 24:18

Boy Smells - 24:35

literary candles from Hearth & Hammer - 24:39

We featured Hearth & Hammer on the episode "Bubble Wrap and Prayers" - 24:42

A24 x Joya film genre candles - 24:47

Bath & Body Works white pumpkin candle - 26:42

Shaun gets his togarashi from Third Street Market in Whitefish, Montana - 27:07

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