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MBA is such an inspiring experience. It’s more than just getting a good academic result or finding a great job. More importantly, It’s a place where you can meet very interesting people from around the world, learn about their stories, and make meaningful, lifelong friendships. That being said, a lot of these bondings are happening outside of the classroom. For example, during social events. That’s why there are so many social events in the MBA. In this episode, we invite Warittha Chalanonniwat, a second-year MBA student from Duke Fuqua, to share her MBA social life experience with us.

Show Notes

Meet Warittha Chalanonniwat 

Born and raised in Thailand, Warittha is currently a second-year MBA student at Duke fuqua. Prior to MBA, she worked as a Credit Analyst at a commercial bank and as a Financial Analyst at an oil and gas company in Thailand. She decided to get an MBA degree in the US to pursue her professional and personal growth as she believes that MBA is a place where she can build strong leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit without worry about making mistakes. She also enjoys meeting new people with different cultures and experience in MBA. After graduation, She plans to go back to the financial industry.
In this episode we talk about:
  1. Sales tax in the US 
  2. What kind of social event can you expect? 
  3. Challenges in social events 
  4. Is drinking a necessary social skill?
  5. Advice for future MBA students
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// Meet Jacob Yu and Jay Park, your MBAsians Hosts! 
// Jacob Yu 
Born and raised in Taiwan, Jacob worked in marketing and public relations at a tech company. At a young age, Jacob studied as a foreign exchange student in the US, understanding the challenges of being an international student. While studying at Ross, he has witnessed peers struggling in navigating MBA lives, motivating him to support and inspire others by creating the MBAsians Podcast.

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//  Jay Park
Born and raised in South Korea, Jay worked as a business developer and sales manager at an international trading company. Jay experienced countless trials and errors from preparation towards his MBA to adapting himself into first-ever foreign country life, motivating him to make MBAsians. As an adventure enthusiast, Jay is still continuing his life journey through MBA.

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What is MBAsians: The Asian MBA Podcast?

MBAsians is a podcast for and by Asian international students currently earning or applying to MBA programs in the US. Hosts Jacob Yu and Jay Park share actionable tips and recommendations to make your MBA journey more pleasant and successful by interviewing current and recent MBA graduates from various programs. MBAsians will feature deep dive discussions focusing on diverse parts of the MBA experience, academic, professional, and social, covering important topics such as language and cultural differences, networking and managing relationships, and building a community of support. Hosts: Jacob Yu & Jay Park // Producer: Jerry Won // Artwork: Michelle Nam // Produced by Just Like Media