Fired Before Christmas

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Let's learn about Internal Recruiters by talking to my good friend and internal Slalom Recruiter Brian Smith!

Show Notes

Brian Smith Show Notes

0:53 Brian Smith Intro.
1:02 Brian talks about his role as an Internal Recruiter with Slalom Consulting.
2:38 Talk about what led you to become an internal recruiter.
3:54 How do you find people?
5:23 How do you get internal referrals from Slalom Employees?
6:02 What would turn you off of a LinkedIn profile?
6:52 Brian talks about what he likes to see on LinkedIn Profiles.
7:43 What can someone do to make their Profile more attractive to an internal recruiter?
9:00 Brian talks about networking and the value of working your network
11:39 What are some good tips for people who sit down for that first conversation?
13:30 How has COVID-19 changed the industry for you?
15:58 Are you finding more candidates are from the unemployed /furlough world or have jobs and looking to make a move?
17:02 What advice do you have for job seekers?
18:27 We poke Fun at Slalom's website job listings.
19:38 We talk about recruiters representing you and how important your relationship is with recruiters.
23:28 How much of what we tell recruiters are used for the next steps for the recruiters? How can we ensure a recruiter is selling us best?
26:55 What's one question you wish candidates would ask more?
28:52 What a question you wish candidates would stop asking?
30:47 What's the last thing you ordered off of Amazon?
31:34 How to get a hold of Brian Smith.
32:12 Closing.

What is Fired Before Christmas?

Fired Before Christmas is a podcast focused on job seekers, namely the unemployed. We do weekly interviews with people looking for work or people who can help those currently seeking employment. Each interview is an opportunity for our guests to share their stories with our audience, provide insights, and encourage others as they go through their own journey. Each interview is an opportunity for our listeners to discover new talent, or learn about new ideas or tricks that people are utilizing in their job search efforts.

Our goal is to humanize the hiring experience by bringing a voice to those looking for work!