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In our return to the Debrief Podcast, Matt Brown answers some of your questions on the Healer Series!

Show Notes

Welcome back to The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown! 

In 2021, searches for “how to heal” on google reached an all time high worldwide. The events of the last two years have prompted people around the world to seek out forms of healing for their inner lives and relationships. And while there is a unifying reality to the fact that people all over the world are looking for a sense of healing, the methods and sources people are turning to for healing are unique and diverse. Psychics and “spiritual guides,” crystals as an energy source, meditation or ancestral rituals have all become commonplace in popular culture today as viable paths to healing. In addition to people becoming more open to the idea of needing a type of spiritual healing, people are also more interested in the supernatural as a means to healing than in previous times. A decade ago stories about miraculous healings were looked at with skepticism. Today, stories about the miraculous and unexplained become viral and generate discussions online. In 2022, people are open to the idea of needing a spiritual solution for their healing and it’s culturally accepted to look for a miracle. 

In this episode we'll talk about what healing means, if we should use medication, how the individualization of the church can impact our healing and many other topics!

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The Debrief Podcast with Matt Brown. Author and lead pastor of Sandals Church, Matt Brown debriefs current issues shaping our culture from a spiritual perspective.