Junior to Senior with David Guttman

Jonathan and David talk about making your boss look good, how to use your skills and passions, and focusing on the outcome.

Show Notes

Talking Points: 
  • Making your boss look good
  • How to use your skills and passions
  • Knowing the pros & cons of tools
  • Understanding risk
  • Focusing on the outcome
Quotable Quotes: 
  • “If you want to advance your career...figure out how to make your boss look good.”
  • “He [Jonathan’s senior colleague] thought about the outcome. What are you really trying to accomplish here?”
  • “When...they understand a little bit about business outcomes, I'm like, oh, this person is smart, they get it.”
  • “The world doesn't owe you a handsome income for engaging in your favorite activities.”
  • “Back when you had an actual paper book you'd go way deeper into individual things.”
  • “You keep your eyes on the outcome...then you can get there with minimal detours.”
  • “...the new shiny tool, you want to talk to your friends about it, but your boss doesn’t care about that.”
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