Other Life

A personal reflection and update on my 5-year journey to design a new kind of scholarly life for the internet era. In a previous podcast, I shared how the Other Life company hit some hard times. Here I explain what I learned from that, and how I've turned it around. I share some meditations on the pursuit of weird goals, finding one's own path, and some new things I've come to learn about entrepreneurship. The ultimate meaning and purpose of the "other life" concept has really come home to me in the past few months.

Other Life
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  • (00:00) - A Late Night Message
  • (01:19) - On authenticity
  • (04:12) - Creativity vs. Business
  • (10:51) - The Creator Economy and Power
  • (11:50) - Network Power
  • (14:46) - The Fear of Failure
  • (16:19) - What is the Other Life?
  • (18:53) - On Truth
  • (19:17) - The Future of Other Life

What is Other Life?

I study the lives of the wildest writers who ever lived.