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Gadsby Jr. continues at the wheel, leading a review of the all-English Champions League final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, and associated England team subplots. Was it a penalty? Did Spurs deserve more? Did Harry Kane pick himself in a pique of ego-led madness? Just how weird is it to see Jordan Henderson lifting Old Big Ears? We looked back to a bizarre Europa League final in Baku, won by Chelsea against Arsenal. This sets up the first ever all-English Super Cup. And then, with eyes on the big prize, we look to England’s big game with the Netherlands on Thursday in the inaugural Nations League Finals. We put a potential England side out there and borrow some novel ‘marketing’ ideas from the Champions League final. Gadsby Sr. joins on the line again from afar, like a distant circling planet, and Producer Lisa was in the studio.

What is Gadsby's England?

The all-new Gadsby's England podcast, from the only show in the world dedicated exclusively to the England football team. Gadsby and Gadsby Jr. bring you England news, features, stories, special guests, and, well, anything you want to know about Gareth Southgate's new young team. With new recruit, show producer Lisa LeRoux.