In this conversation, Rob Finkelstein and Trent Clark interview Darren Heitner, a sports and entertainment attorney, about the world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in college athletics with a focus on NIL representation. 

They discuss the current state of NIL, the challenges and opportunities for athletes, brands, and parents, and potential future developments in the space. Heitner emphasizes the importance of proper representation and contract negotiation for athletes and the need for brands to ensure a good fit with the athlete and consider non-monetary benefits. The conversation highlights the real-world education and entrepreneurial opportunities that NIL presents for athletes.

"NIL Representation with Darren Heitner, Sports and Entertainment Attorney" Highlights
  • NIL provides real-world education and entrepreneurial opportunities for athletes.
  • Proper NIL representation and contract negotiation are crucial for athletes in the NIL space.
  • Brands should ensure a good fit with the athlete and consider non-monetary benefits.
  • Parents should know the legal considerations and seek professional advice for their athlete.
  • The future of NIL is uncertain, with potential changes in NCAA regulations and ongoing legal cases.
  • "This is 400-level business."
  • "It's not only an amazing opportunity to exploit your value commercially. It's a unique opportunity to grow for the real world."
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Hosted by two renowned figures in the NIL space, Rob Finklestein and Trent M. Clark, this podcast dives deep into the dynamic intersection of sports, business, and personal branding. Rob Finklestein, the founder and CEO of Alumni Direct, brings his expertise from leading “Athletes Entrepreneurs: The Alumni Journey,” a podcast that sheds light on athletes transitioning from sports to the business realm. Trent M. Clark, a 3x World Series champion and CEO of AIM NIL Academy, complements the discussion with his profound insights from educating athletes about NIL systems and entrepreneurial strategies. He is also the voice behind the “Winners Find A Way” podcast, featuring interviews with notable athletes and business personalities.