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Daniel discusses which AWS services web developers should use and his thoughts on the culture and future of Amazon

Show Notes

Daniel is the co-author of the book "The Good Parts of AWS" and previously worked at AWS on the CloudWatch team.  He left last year after over 8 years at Amazon to work on his own projects.

He's currently working on an end-to-end encrypted user database SaaS called Userbase.  Daniel is also openly sharing his experiences building an audience, writing a book, and building Userbase on twitter.

We talk about:
  • Why AWS has so many services
  • His default AWS stack and how he chose it (Dynamo, SQS, S3 and EC2)
  • Why he uses EC2 over ECS or EBS
  • Why services like RDS and ElastiCache aren't in his book
  • The difference between SQS and Kinesis
  • Why AWS will probably never build a Heroku-like service
  • The future of AWS

Daniel Vassallo

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