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Magnetic Wealth - Magnetic Wealth Affirmations

Show Notes

Jan. 26th, 2010 Magnetic Wealth Radio Show will be all about Magnetic Wealth Affirmations! In my new book, ‘Already Rich Magnetic Wealth Affirmations. Open your mind and tune your vibe to attract wealth’ I share lots and lots of wealth affirmations or statements of limitless potential. I also go through how you can learn to tune your energy, reprogram you mind, abolish limiting beliefs, create a new self wealth image and more. On this show we will create our own magnetic wealth affirmation to support your 2010 goals. We will discuss how to make and use them and then take your new affirmation and imprint it on your self image on a hypnotic journey. Can’t wait! “The key is not the mere pursuit of wealth, but changing your beliefs and attitudes about it.” Anthony Robbins

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Manifest The Life Your Soul Intended. Adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

BlissLife with Akasha is a weekly podcast with host Nan Akasha. Come join Akasha's adventures in LightBody and Beyond.

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