Peggy Joyce Ruth

Satan wants us to start seeing ourselves as a victim. That we are helpless. Any place the enemy can make us feel helpless, then he is free to take us in the direction that he wants us to go. No matter what has happened to us, we are not a victim if we know God.

What is Peggy Joyce Ruth?

Peggy Joyce Ruth, aka "the Psalm 91 Lady" is author of a variety of Psalm 91 book titles with over six million copies in print. She taught a weekly Adult Bible Study for more than 35 years in her church in Central Texas as she shared how to make God’s Word your final authority. Known for her easy-to-understand style of communicating the Word of God and warm storytelling, Peggy Joyce's heart is that her books and teachings will bring you into the same freedom from fear she experienced and help you put God's Word to work ​in your life.