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Lisa Du from Bloomberg tells us what she's learned on the Corona vaccine beat in Japan, which yeah, if you go by rollout DATE, Japan is behind the West, but if you go by mortality figures, you could say they're ahead?

Show Notes

Lisa Du from Bloomberg tells us what she's learned on the Corona vaccine beat in Japan, which yeah, if you go by rollout DATE, Japan is behind the West, but if you go by mortality figures, you could say they're ahead?

Ollie recommends a river cruise that reminds us not to take the Disney Navy lightly.

Bobby looks at a Ninja Cruise that might have to rebrand as a CATCH 22 Cruise.

Topics discussed on this episode range from:
  • What kind of jigsaw puzzle Ollie's Nan is doing
  • Brief thanks to all the latest coffee supporters
  • Where you can find Bobby and Ollie's official medical advice
  • How memorable Lisa found Bobby's stand-up to be
  • A Brian-related oversight that we need to correct
  • Lisa discovers that Bobby is SUPER EAGER to believe that people are impressed by him
  • Whether or not it might be better to just do the whole show about Ollie's cat
  • The Feline Angle on Coronavirus, and how blackmarket cat drugs became a Covid treatment
  • THE JBRC PRESS CLUB's reporting on SUGA being coached to use social media, which sadly, did not include this absolute stonker of a joke from Tutti Q
  • A brief discussion of who KONO TARO is and what his reputation is
  • Which forms still need Hanko
  • How getting a vaccines in Japan might be made conditional on having a My Number
  • What we know about how the vaccine rollout has been designed and what the roles are for the local and national governments
  • Who gets priority for Japan's vaccines
  • What will the vaccine rollout infrastructure look like and is this an opportunity for corona-struck business to pivot to a vaccination-space sharing model?
  • Ways in which Japan's planning might not take into account treating foreigners
  • What Lisa saw at the vaccination simulation in Kawasaki, including what they were getting wrong and right
  • Why Japan is behind other countries on the vaccination timeline
  • The approval process for vaccines in Japan
  • Comparing vaccination resistance in the US and Japan
  • Governmental irresponsibility as a reason for Japan's low vaccine confidence
  • Why the government needs to provide indemnities to Vaccine manufacturers
  • How the mRNA vaccine works and how it's similar to the way Bobby teaches his children about religion
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Topics discussed on the Extras:
  • What the different strains of covid and the apparent ineffectiveness of covid antibodies against re-infection means for our future
  • The hope that getting a vaccine means going to back to normal
  • Why comparing Japan's vaccine timeframes to other countries is misleading in terms of that above hope
  • What we DON'T know about what the vaccine does
  • What's going wrong with the rollouts in the US, and why their headstart doesn't really matter
  • Lisa's river relevant provenance
  • The state of river cruises in Henan during Lisa's youth
  • Lisa's appearance on the Deep Dive podcast and our ongoing rivalry
  • Ollie's HARD HITTING questions about which podcasts are better
  • A brief recap of why Yuri Kageyama's journalistic integrity prevented her from being a guest
  • How Bobby's narcissism cripples his joke-writing ability
  • The Internet automatically censors Ollie's Anti-semitism AGAIN
  • Jubans
  • Florida's bid for the Tokyo Olympics
  • Why Saitama is the Florida of Japan
  • Why Lisa ALMOST called Japan racist on the Deep Dive podcast
  • The theory of Japanese cultural uniqueness as it pertains to various Japanese medical issues
  • Ollie mangling the term "Asian Blush"
  • A comparison of drinking culture across the world, including alcoholic bragging rights
  • Atsugiri Jason
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