The Inventory Professional

Sián and guests Philip Carter and Tim Hill from Keyzapp discuss why keys are so difficult to manage for inventory professionals, why agents seem resistant to change and how we can unblock the keychain.

Show Notes

Keys are a vital component of property management, as, well let's face it, you can't (usually) get into the property without them!

Join Sián as she talks with Tim and Philip from Keyzapp about whether there is a better way to ease our ongoing pain both as suppliers, contractors and agents. We discuss the solutions that are available and why the industry seems unwilling to embrace a better way of managing keys.

Key questions:
  • Why are keys so difficult to manage? 
  • What are the risks of taking pictures of keys? 
  • How COVID is changing how we access the property
  • Why there is a need to forward plan as agents work more and more away from office
  • Is there a solution for managing the key chain?
Tim explains that having an open API benefits the end user and Phil highlights why a willingness to collaborate and integrate can be a positive step forward and that using tech shouldn't be a barrier.

Phil highlights the legislation in Scotland that require all keys to be registered, whether it is likely that similar regulation to ISO standards could be implemented across the UK and find out why Sián is a self confessed Apple tart!

Want to know more about Keyzapp?

This helpful explainer video provides Inventory Professionals and Surveyors with more information and understanding of the Keyzapp management system. Contact Tim and Phil who are always on hand to chat and answer all your key solution questions. 

Keyzapp; Google for keys.

What is The Inventory Professional?

This podcast is designed for property inventory clerks and service providers, presented by InventoryBase Academy