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Steven James is the bestselling author of 18 novels, many of which have won more than a dozen awards, and include books from The Bowers Files Series, The Gevin Banks Experience, The Blue Trilogy (YA), and his newest, The Travis Brock Series.

On today's 127th episode of The Thriller Zone, I'm happy to welcome someone for whom I have great respect, as Steven is able to write in multiple genres, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as educational books about the craft of writing.

BROKER OF LIES is... "a taut, page-turning thriller...tense, twisty, with and an edge-of-your-seat ending." -Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Silent Sisters.

The man who knows all our secrets has a secret of his own.

When Travis Brock, a high-level Pentagon redactor with an eidetic memory, finds a clue to solving the tragic arson that took his wife from him, he risks everything to find the truth―and chances losing himself in the process. With a terror attack looming on the horizon and a pair of assassins on his tail, Brock drops off the grid and joins forces with a disavowed Homeland Security operative. Together they race to stop the attack before Brock is neutralized by the people he trusts the most. From critically acclaimed, bestselling novelist Steven James comes a smart, wire-tight, and emotionally resonant thriller that asks just how far across the line we might go to see justice carried out.

Today, we discuss writing, the writing community, living in Tennessee, the importance of first and second and third drafts, in order to get the story the very best you can. Take it from a guy who has a Master's Degree in Storytelling...this guys knows how to spin a yarn.

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