Unsure? Insure!

I’m sharing a story from a freelancer whose client asked them to submit the work they’d done for a project that had missed various deadlines… and then asked the freelancer to pay the company damages for the work being overdue. I’ll highlight what this freelancer could have done differently to potentially have a better outcome, and the role insurance would play in this situation. The information in this podcast is for general guidance and is not legal advice.

Show Notes

  • With Jack
  • It's your job to communicate with clients
  • Discover as much detail in advance of the project beginning
  • Communicate that the scope and the budget are connected
  • Have the client agree to these terms in your contract
  • Professional indemnity insurance can help you if things progress to the stage your client is asking you to pay damages to the company

What is Unsure? Insure!?

After so many years helping freelancers stay in business, I’m no stranger to the kinds of problems you face. But freelancing doesn’t mean having to face these problems alone. A lot of the time there is help available. I’d like to share these stories with you so you can be a confident freelancer.