Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas

For law school graduate Neil Tanna, the idea of losing touch with his university friends was heartbreaking. Motivated by the excitement of creating and keeping connections, Neil and his team made a UK-based social platform called Howbout.  
Howbout raises the question, “Why is it easier to schedule a meeting with your boss than it is to schedule a drink with your best friends?” The app brings scheduling, planning, and chatting together into one place to take the hassle out of getting together with friends.
On this episode, Neil will discuss what influenced the idea for Howbout, the leadership practices he is proud of, and how he views the growth of the app.
Grey Interviewer: Bee Pahnke, Grey London’s Head of Voice

What is Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas?

Grey Matter: A Podcast About Ideas is for people who love talking about creativity and exploring, simply, where the best ideas in the world come from and how dreams become reality.

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