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Marijn and Steve, in this episode, talk about probably the most essential aspect of all M365 projects... ‘The Workshops’ Collecting the information to build, set up and prepare for M365 is so crucial to get right. So, let’s list the most important and discuss what you would expect to be talking about and getting out of it.

Covering two episodes, we work through our list of workshops, starting with the infrastructure workshops needed to configure the tenant working up from the network and Azure levels. In the next Episode, we will look at the application and end-user workshops defining how the company will use M365 and how to sell it.

Show Notes

Marijn is excited about his Envisioning sessions to set up the company on a journey. Still, during the discussion, we wonder if it might not get people excited when it could be several months before they get to try anything. So, whilst very important, timing how you communicate the company vision might not be the first workshop you do.  However, starting to set expectations at the C-Level and Senior management level might be a good idea.

Starting with the infrastructure workshop, they get hooked up in discussions about the naming of tenants (we are still not sure who is correct). Still, the thought is to get the infrastructure workshop completed early on with the right people in the groups.  Many decisions at this level define the coming workload.

It’s also worth thinking strategically about services, multitenancy etc.

Identity and a few others will cause issues like who owns the user’s Admins, AD admins, HR etc., so be prepared and ensure all parties are in the same room.

Some words are spoken about the people involved and how they might be upset of losing control to the cloud etc.  So, pull in a great partner or Microsoft to ensure all the infrastructure teams have a level of comfort.

There is a disagreement (always fun) and Marijn starts Steve thinking about which comes first, the Adoption or Email or Supporting workshop to understand the new way of IT supporting the new cloud services

Road mapping is important to understand where you are in the process of changing the company and the way of working and aligning development plans to power platform etc., or if you will remain with existing dev tools.

The idea of splitting the Adoption and communications and when to start the personae decisions and special needs so maybe the adoption and change conversation is needed to baseline the governance.

Identifying the user-focused people for the Ambassadors and core users is important, but then we need to think about the end user-focused workshops so that become Episode 98...

The Whisky plays memory games with Steve after Marijn asks him to dig deep into the memory banks to identify the point when he realised, he loved Irish whisky.  That took him to an Irish bar in Rome.

A Black Bush 80/20 PX Sherry Cask Reserve, has a good recommendation for a great price with a complex flavour... well worth looking for a bottle

Creators & Guests

Marijn Somers
Microsoft MVP. Freelance Microsoft 365 expert focusing on user adoption and governance. Trainer. Licensed watchmaker.
Steve Dalby
Podcaster "Office365Distilled" Driving Collaboration Business Goals, Speaking about Governance, Whiskey taster and imbiber all round father and good guy.

What is Office 365 Distilled?

This podcast is presented by Marijn and Steve; two experienced Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultants. In each podcast you will get a smile or two with a chunk of interesting and practical help in Microsoft 365. Then you get introduced you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.