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In this WP Minute podcast episode, Matt discusses changes in WordPress. He focuses on a feature called the Command Palette. This used to be known as the Wayfinder. Matt talks about how this is similar to things you can find in Apple's Spotlight and Descript Notion. He also looks at the competition between WordPress and new platforms like Wix and Squarespace.

Then, Matt talks about what it's like to run a WordPress news site. He shares his experience trying to work with WordCamp, but getting rejected. He thinks about how the relationship between media and events like WordCamp could get better. This episode gives a straightforward look at the challenges of running a WordPress media site and why it's important for people to know your brand. If you're interested in what's next for WordPress or how media partnerships work, this is a great episode to listen to.

WordPress 6.3 Will Introduce A Command Palette
  • WordPress 6.3 will feature a new tool called the Command Palette, designed to be a quick search and command execution tool.
  • There was a discussion about renaming the Command Center to Wayfinder, but the majority of participants were against it due to translation and comprehension issues.
  • The decision to move forward with the name Command Palette was made because it's easier to translate, consistent with other tooling outside of WordPress, and it matches the current functionality.
  • The API for the Command Palette is now public and ready for developers to create their own custom commands.
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Podcasting as a Marketing Strategy
  • The article discusses the potential of using podcasting as part of a marketing strategy, regardless of the industry.
  • The podcast episode features a conversation between Michelle and Hazel about the different podcasts she manages and how podcasting can help spread the word about a company.
  • They discuss the importance of understanding what your audience wants to hear and where they look when considering podcasting as a marketing strategy.
  • Michelle provides a presentation about starting a podcast, which can be accessed through a link in the article.
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CMS Market Share Analysis June 2023
  • WordPress continues to lead the CMS market share, remaining stable over the last year.
  • Shopify shows a small decline, but still presents strong financial numbers.
  • Prestashop, which was acquired in 2021, is the fastest-growing CMS in the top 10 and shows real promise.
  • The article provides an in-depth analysis of the CMS market share, with special attention to eCommerce platforms.
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AI Website Builder: The Next-Gen Builder Created by 10Web
  • 10Web offers an AI-powered website builder that allows users to build or recreate any website in minutes.
  • The platform provides AI-generated content and images, and allows customization with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • In addition to the AI Website Builder, 10Web offers services like automated WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting, BuddyBoss hosting, and more.
  • The platform also offers a range of plugins and a blog for users to explore.
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How Guildenberg Hopes To Improve the WordPress Ecosystem
  • Guildenberg is an organization aiming to address challenges faced by product founders in the WordPress ecosystem, which lacks cohesiveness and standards for code and marketing.
  • The organization believes that product creators are key to growing the WordPress ecosystem and mitigating the tradeoffs of decentralization.
  • Guildenberg plans to help products succeed through collaboration, without picking winners and losers.
  • The WP Minute article includes a Q&A with Jonathan Wold, CEO of Guildenberg, who shares his vision for bringing positive and profitable change to the WordPress ecosystem.
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10 WordPress Site Editor (FSE) Features You Didn't Know About
  • The WordPress Full-Site Editing (FSE), also known as the Site Editor, is a relatively new addition to the WordPress platform and is under continuous development.
  • The article discusses some lesser-known features of the WordPress Site Editor that can help users build better designs and customize their sites more effectively.
  • One of the features highlighted is the ability to change style variations, which allows users to change the entire look of their theme with a single click.
  • Another feature is the ability to edit styles for individual blocks, which can be applied site-wide, providing a consistent look across different templates.
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