Pint-sized Reptiles Podcast

Show Notes

In our third episode we are joined by Daoist Monk Yun Rou, author of books Turtle Planet, Exotic Pets and much more.  We talk with Monk Yun Rou about his experiences in the hobby and his thoughts on reptile keeping.  We take a deeper look into how we should view keeping these amazing animals and the changes Monk Yun Roe has seen with the hobby.

Monk Yun Rou's website

What is Pint-sized Reptiles Podcast?

The herptile community is incredibly diverse. However, most of the media tends to focus on the larger, more "in your face" species. 'Pint-sized Reptiles' is taking a different approach. Join James, Jason, and Travis as they turn our gaze to the smaller herps within the community that often get overshadowed by their larger brethren.