A Talk2BeWell Podcast on Finals & AP Testing Anxiety. Earlier this year we recorded EP 109: Testing Stress, but this episode will focus more specifically on Finals & AP Exams. In this episode you'll hear from 10th - 12th graders on W2BW's National Student Advisory Council '23-'24.

For help with managing stress and anxiety, check out W2BW's Stress & Anxiety Curriculums
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Creators & Guests

Dr. Robin Henderson
Dr. Robin Henderson, PsyD, is the Chief Executive, Behavioral Health for Providence Oregon where has direct and matrixed responsibility for acute, specialty and ambulatory behavioral health services in a system serving nearly 100,000 individuals each year. She also serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for Work2BeWell, a youth-lead mental health education, activation and advocacy program that creates clinically vetted curriculum for schools and youth groups. In this role she works with our National Student Advisory Council, our grassroots advocacy campaigns (including the new Oregon law giving students Mental Health Days) and hosts the #Talk2BeWell podcast focusing on youth mental health and well-being. She is also an advisory member of the Providence Community Partnership Mental Health Advisory Group, overseeing investments in mental health and substance use disorders and is a Senior Clinical Advisor to Well Being Trust.

What is Talk2BeWell?

Our Work2BeWell podcast featuring Dr. Robin Henderson and teen voices from across the country focuses on key mental health topics. From conversations on social justice and mental health activism, to navigating digital learning or supporting mental health during the holidays, we explore topics that build meaningful dialogue and student activation around mental health.

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