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Spending time at your Disney resort hotel pool is a must-do on your Walt Disney World (and Disneyland) vacation. Here's what to consider when packing your swim style for Walt Disney World resort hotel pools.

How to Style Your Swimwear for Disney Resort Hotel Pools
Not only are Disney hotel pools great guest amenities, they also help to provide a well-earned relaxing break from the energy and activity of the parks. Whether it’s to let your kids unwind and release some energy, or to allow yourself a little lounging time by the pool (perhaps with a snack and a cold drink), making time to visit Disney pools is something to make time for in your daily Disney vacation schedule.
Disney Pool Style and Disney Pool Dress Codes
Every onsite resort hotel at Walt Disney World has unique pools. Depending on the Disney resort, the theming is different and so is the vibe of the pool area. Most resorts have multiple pools, generally separating the louder pool-games-and-music pool from the quieter pool.
What you plan to wear to the pool depends on your own personal style and possibly the particular resort. 
There are no specific pool dress codes for Disney pools, other than the catch-all of “proper attire” for the resort (which gives Cast Members some room in the event that someone pushes things a little too far). Most guests dress with common sense. One-piece swimsuits and bikinis are common, as are board shorts. It is rare that we have seen anything bordering on what may be offensive to some.
What you wear to the pool also depends on what you plan to do at the pool. Not everyone who goes to a Disney pool is there to swim. 
For many Disney hotel guests, relaxing in the warm weather on a lounger with a drink in hand and a good book will do just fine (with maybe a quick walk in the zero-entry area to cool off). For others, it’s multiple trips to the water slide or taking part in pool games for the younger guests. So plan your swim attire accordingly.
A swimsuit cover up is also another piece of fashion attire that is often seen at Disney pools. So if you plan to go in style to the Courtyard Pool at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, have some fun and consider your complete outfit.
Speaking of specific pools, it’s also worth considering that many pool decks (such as slide pools at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Wilderness Lodge) tend to be very overcrowded during busy times of year. Pools like these are undersized for the resort, so it may be hard to find seating and it may not be very relaxing if your intention is to, well, relax and not swim.
Subtle Disney Swimwear and Disney-Themed Swimsuits
As you would expect, Disney hotel pools are the perfect place to wear your Disney-themed swimsuit, or subtle Disney swimwear. Little ones in particular are often seen wearing their favorite Disney character swimsuits, which helps to add to the magic.
Flip flops or other poolside footwear is also a good idea because some of the surfaces can get very hot in the Florida sun.

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