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In-depth discussion on the first half of SNES action RPG Soul Blazer.

Show Notes

The group hunts out monster lairs around the globe to some amazing slap-bass tunes as they discuss the very well-received early Quintet RPG Soul Blazer...and discover the importance of waiting at the title screen for game intros on some of those old titles. This segment of our divinely inspired adventure covers up through St. Elles (the third area of the world), but it still includes a range of unique creatures, such as talking elevators and rafts, goats musing on the nature of reincarnation, and a rather inept mill owner. Does Blazer's journey through the empire hold up? How does one blaze a soul? Or is it BLADE a soul? Find out this and more, and don't forget to tune in for Part 2 as well, because you know you want to see what happens when you reverse a bargain with Deathtoll.

Featuring: Hilary Andreff, Greg Delmage, Mike Salbato, Kyle Seeley

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