Regular Programming

Andreas appreciates Arch and Archives, alright?

Show Notes

Archives are cool. How do you keep your digital things in order and, hopefully, backed up?

We need more archivists.

Andreas has re-read Snowcrash, and while it isn't the manual for the world to adopt it doesn't seem to stop the megacorps from thinking it is and trying. Where did Google go wrong, and why? And why aren't we jealous of their recruiting?

Linkable matter

Better titles
  • Overrated library though
  • Perfectly gitted and dotfiled
  • Way too pragmatic
  • A virtual private server and magic
  • Nested backups
  • Suddenly: math
  • More stacks of logos; less clarity
  • Preparing for the metaverse
  • 1984 isn't the manual
  • Snowcrash isn't the manual
  • Designing dystopia
  • The opportunity for amazing glitches
  • Need to try harder at working less
  • A strong ack

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