The Bhakti Sagas

In this episode, we are narrating the tale of, how Ganesh Ji and Mushak Ji became each other's companions.

Show Notes

Every festival in India is always celebrated with great joy and fun, but the most important part is to know the reason behind the celebrations. Every small tale related to the festivals makes it more significant and is somewhere lost, every small ritual is special in itself and has a deep meaning. But due to the course of time, we forget the reason and its authentic way of celebration.
So let's learn and understand the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi and what are the ways in which we celebrate it. Also, do you know the story behind Ganesh Ji's and Mushak Ji's bond, they have? Listen to it and learn the reason behind it.
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What is The Bhakti Sagas?

The show specifically focuses on the significance of festivals and their festivities. Also how things and ways of executions have changed over time. Don't think much just learn and enjoy it.