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CONTENT WARNING: this episode contains discussions on sex, pornography and adult themes, therefore it may not be appropriate for a young audience. Parental caution is advised.

Sex is everywhere in our modern culture: everyone desperately wants it, many aren't satisfied with their sex life and apparently more people than ever apparently aren't having it. In the April issue of Signs, Zanita Fletcher wrote an article titled: "Welcome to the Sex Recession". We talk about that and everything else sex and relationships with Dr Patricia Weerakoon. She's a sexologist, academic and writer. Her mission is to help people have "mind-blowing sex" and healthy relationships. She is also a Christian and is passionate about helping people achieve holistic sexual health.

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Creators & Guests

Jesse Herford
Associate editor, Signs of the Times
Zanita Fletcher
Assistant editor, Signs of the Times

What is Signs Radio?

Signs of the Times is a Christian worldview magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia since 1886. The podcast is a little newer than that.